No man is an island, even me, and I actually own an island.

Here the other oddballs and goofs that make up the formidable Tugg Team.

Dennis Ritamin

The man who makes things tick. Dennis is a modern day oddjob. He does the little things that make a big difference. He makes a mean Manhattan and is only man I trust to drive the Bentleys. He has seen me at my worst and my best and was there through my rehabilitation.

We worked together as accounts drones. He followed me into business after my windfall and has worked under me ever since.

Could I survive without Dennis? Yes, of course, but life would be irritating for a while.


Zeus Gently

The fruit of loins from my first wife, before she became possessed  by the devil and screwed me over for the Spaniard.

Zeus is a real chip off the block. A tiger in the boardroom and an asshole on the golf course.

He principally takes control of The Obafemi Trust, which is now flourishing.


George ‘Porgie’ Gillespie

Makes the tea and stuff.



My pet Chinese Water Dragon. My good luck talisman and my soul mate. He has heard my innermost secrets and has shared my wildest triumphs.

He is very sick now and his tank smells like a Dutch Oven. Death would be a relief.

All Aboard!

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