Pignorance and Zombies

I hear experts say that we live in an era of ‘information’. I disagree. We live in a world of ignorance and of indulgence, or, as I like to say, pignorance.

Social Media, or So Me, as its commonly called, is a balloon filled with the dirty gas of tittle-tattle, gossip, inanity and downright lies. This isn’t information, it’s SINformation, a dirty trough of muck designed to indulge the nosy snouts of its piggy users.

Having said that, I do quite like Farmville.

I have already written, much to the public’s dislike, that Social Media is wasted on small businesses and, to a lesser extent, the general public. Social Media should be about celebrities and entrepreneurs and politicians and your English royalty.

Where are you going with this Tugg, I can hear you saying. Ill tell you. PIGnorance is bliss.  Your role as an entrepreneur is not to educate, improve or inspire. Your role is to find a commodity that the public will consume without question.

Use the power of PIGnorance to your advantage.

You must engineer a way to intravenously drip-feed your product into the veins of the public. It doesn’t matter if your product is a service or a physical commodity.

Slip it under the radar. Cut out the buying equation. Let customers dig into their wallets without even realizing they are doing so.

Hypnotize them into a vacant state via smart marketing, or SMARKETING, as I call it. SO ME is your most powerful weapon.

Imagine your customers as zombies and you run a stall selling rotting flesh. Do you think they will haggle? Of course not.

Now go make some money.

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