The economy is need of heroes. Your business is need of heroes. Honest hardworking men and women that sweat for the team and push hard.

Yet a hero needs guidance. Someone to channel their energy and polish their rough edges.

Thinks of Hollywood. Behind every Frodo, Luke Skywalker and Karate Kid, stands a Gandalf, Obi Wan Kenobe and Mr Miyagi. These are wise, older men who make it their life’s work to pass on the ancient skills of their trade.

I am perhaps younger than these silver screen legends, but my purpose is clear.

Via mentorWIN, I will take raw, talented foot soldiers and groom them into Generals.

The session is intensive, using every part of your being, like the Apprentice mixed with The Krypton Factor mixed with Gladiators. You may fall out with me as I will push deep inside you and find your innermost talent. You will feel exhausted but will be ultimately energized. Over 2 weeks the class will take in classic literature, martial arts, extreme driving, bush skills and near-GCSE level business studies. All designed to push you to your physical and mental limit.

Heather Small (of the rock band M People) once sang:

You’ve go to search for the hero inside yourself,
Search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
Until you find the key to your life.

I have these words printed and on display in every room of my house. These words helped me at my lowest ebb.

But now I am older and wiser (I hope!) I think that is Heather is half right. You do need to search for the hero inside yourself, but that search cannot be done alone.

Would Danny LaRusso have won the All Valley Karate Championship without guidance? Would the Ring have got to Mordor? Would Luke have found his father and saved the Galaxy from the tryanical clutch of the Empire?


Probably not.

I am part Gandhi and part Gandalf. So why not take a Gan-der at my mentorWIN Programme for you or your team.

These are tough times that call for tough action. Get in touch.

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