I have been blessed with an authorial gift and I have learnt never to look a gift in the mouth.

Here is a breakdown of my extensive self-published library. Manuals for effective business. Pick up a copy , open it up and inhale the wisdom.

If you run a book shop or similar, I would be delighted to see them in the high street. I am also available for books signings and promotional events.

Amazon to Amazon my super amazing book 

Amazon to Amazon

Published: 2009

306 pages


An appetite for business my super amazing book 

An Appetite For Business

Published: 2010

854 pages


Business in a box - my super amazing book 

Business In A Box

Published: TBC

444 pages


Pitty the profitless - my super amazing book 

Pity The Profitless

Published: 2007

652 pages (estimated)


Point your compass to profit - my super amazing book 

Point your Compass to Profit

Published: 2010

32 pages


Smashing Down Barriers - my super amazing book 

Smashing Down Barriers

Published: 2009

262 pages


sniper - my super amazing book 


Published: 2005

103 pages


Winfarming - my super amazing book 


Published: 2005

72 pages


All Aboard!

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