Well, the responses to my first Kashflow video have been awesome; although some people may not have quite warmed to me yet.

I like to think that there are three types of people in life:

  1. 1. People who like me.
  2. 2. People who will eventually learn to like me.
  3. 3. Schmucks.

One forum commentator even want as far to discredit me as an entrepreneur and instead dub me an ‘own-trumpeter’. This is a very funny piece of wordplay (a passion of mine) and also a massive compliment.

Trumpet blowing is nothing to be ashamed of. It used to be, but now the dirty stigma has been chipped away, like coal around a diamond.

I have a trumpet and by God do I intend to blow it until my cheeks are sore and my lips chapped. I worked hard to get into a position where I even have a trumpet, let alone having people are there to listen to me play.

I am not all ego. There are others in the business world that I admire greatly.

If an opportunity arises, I have no qualms with blowing another entrepreneur’s trumpet, or even blowing lots of trumpets in one go, like a big horn section or jazz band; a big cacophony of mutual blowing.

If I was approached on Facebook and a young entrepreneur said, “Hey Tugg, love your work, do you mind if I demonstrate my appreciation by blowing your trumpet?” I’d say, “By all means, poke away.”

That’s how the world works, especially in this digital age.

I truly believe that I have much to offer. So come with me on my journey and absorb my wisdom. You bring your trumpet and I’ll bring mine.

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  1. Tim says:

    We were not slagging you off for blowing trumpets, we were slagging you off for the very poor and useless video.

    Now I would have to comment that you should probably not talk about blowing things when you have a name like Tugg. Brings all sorts of things to mind that will require some serious mind bleach to wash away.

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