The Tugg Foundation is conglomeration of entrepreneurial and philanthropic jewels, cased in the stunning crown of my business brain.

For several years I have worked tirelessly to create beautiful bubbles of pure business oxygen to breathe life into those need reviving.

I undertake most projects with my son, Zeus, but have recently taken to collaborating with other visionary entrepreneurs.

If you have any interesting ideas that would benefit the Tugg Foundation, give Dennis a shout.


Abodez is my property investment portfolio, buying defunct public properties and converting them into high end 1 or 2 bedroom apartments…


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Lucky Kisses is due to launch late 2011.

A joint project with Duane Jackson of Kashflow with a K.

Lucky K’s is a unique mixture of online dating and online gambling…

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No No Gnomez make high-end ‘saucy’ garden gnomes.

A personal passion of mine, so I was only too happy to finance the project…

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Spot on Dot Coms – The nerve centre for all Tugg Foundation online activities. We cover everything from Webonomics to SSEO (Super Search Engine Optimization) and…

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Stargazers is my film production company, making corporate information films, motivational videos and independent movies.

Yes I have appeared in a few…

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The Obafemi Trust is my legacy and the hearbeat of  The Tugg Foundation.

TOT is a fund for budding entrepreneurs who need a little love…

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Whiskers is a cutting edge catering college for the elderly.

So much in the cooking industry is geared towards the young…

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