Things are not always as they seem. Perceptions can be illusions.

What may seem attractive, delicious or alluring upon first glance, may actually be a pile of bull-crap upon the second.

I have some examples of this. I once got close to a Cheeky Girl and I wish I hadn’t as it undid so much of what I had dreamt of.

Another example. I was once very hungry so I thought I’d stop at my favourite bagel joint on the corner of 5th and 29th. Their salmon and guacamole is the stuff of legends. Problem was, it was closed. But I happened to notice a small pizzeria called DoughBusiness. I thought that I’d bet my hunger on black and try a slice of thin crust pepperoni. It was delicious. The problem was, for the next THREE days, I was confined to the bathroom with badness coming out of both ends. Sometimes simultaneously. I couldn’t even cough without something escaping from somewhere. Dennis had to play nurse and it was humiliating.

Another example. My Third Wife. She was warm, funny, wise and witty. That was, she appeared to be warm, funny, wise and witty when we first dated. As soon as the wedding was over, she turned out to be a hellbitch and grew as much body hair and excess fat as possible just to spite me.

Another Example. I once bought $20k of Moroccan cheese believing it to be the dinner party staple of the future. I had eaten the first batch on holiday and under the influence. When I received my fist batch after securing the deal, I realized that it tasted like the inside of a dog. I had to relieve most of it at various charity buffets.

My point is, never judge things upon face value.

We see many things that represent and opportunity. Yet opportunities are rare and even dangerous. In my experience, an opportunity can either be two things. A PROFITunity or a FLOPortunity. It can either be an iPAD or a DYSON II or a Mrs. Gently III.

Do your research, cover your bases, listen to your brain, your gut, your hunch your heart and your balls. What do they tell you?

Will be spending your evening celebrating your amazing new revenue stream, or bent over the John throwing up almost entire discs of Pepperoni?

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