Do Dogs Eat Dogs?

I’ve never seen it. But apparently that is the world we live in. Perhaps it’s a Korean expression. Or some sort of old British pub sport.

To be honest when I see a dog my first thought is not to eat it and I presume the feeling is mutual for the average Labrador.

I have thought about this curious expression and I think it is trying to suggest that survival in this world is dependant on being tougher than your peers. The world can be a literal world, like London, or a metaphor, like the business world.

With this is in mind, I think there is a lot of wisdom in this ancient Korean saying.

The entrepreneurial world is indeed a ‘dog eat dog world’, but I have no desire to eat my competitors, literally or metaphorically.

Where’s you hunger Tugg? Where’s your appetite for the fight Mr Gently?

Calm down Tugg fans, I haven’t turned yella on ya. I just have a system.

I have a system called the UNIBOX, which is illustrated further in my book, Business in a Box. UNIbox means two things which the same thing.

1. Imagine that your business is box. Got that. Now imagine that your box is in a warehouse. What makes it stand out? What would make someone say, ‘Jeez, nice box, I’ll buy IT!’

If you make your box unique in some way, it will stand out from the crowd and make the buying decision a no-brainer.  Welcome the UNIBOX.

2. A boxing match is easier to win when there is no opposition. So, to win in business, you need to fight a battle with no opposition in front of you, or UNIBOXing for short.

This theory is very different from Seth Godin’s ‘Purple Cow’ as that is more about cows and this is about boxes and boxing.

If you master the UNIBOX you’ll never have to eat a dog again. Unless you want to, for a bet or something like that. Or if you just like the taste.

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