English soccer manager Sir Alex Ferguson employs phrase that strikes a chord with me, bouncebackability. I like this word; certainly a lot more than I like soccer.

I have always prided myself on my ability to bounce back. If someone strikes me down, I bounce back harder and higher than before. This is the hallmark of true champions.

In short, I am a CHAMP-o-lean.

Over the last week there has been much written about it me. Some of it is good and some of it is unjustifiably negative. My voyage seems to have split the sea of opinion, like Moses in a boat.

For the Team Tugg camp out there, hey, thanks for the love. Your Captain appreciates your positive energy. Your kind words are the wind in my sails and you shall blow me to exotic shores.

For the AntiTuggs, and that probably includes a certain sef-publicising CEO, well, I am at a loss.

I would like to think that you may not have ‘tuned in’ to me yet. You are all listening the same DAB of life, just not on my frequency. Please let me assure you Tugg FM plays the hits 24/7, so why not try again?

I make no apologies for being passionate. When I die and prepare to dock at the big Profit Island in the sky, I will know that I gave my all and gave it freely*.

So I am coming back leaner and full of spunk. With my ever-swelling posse I shall use every fibre of my being to make a difference to this stuttering, wounded economy. As long as just one young entrepreneur cries for my help, I will be there on hand to wipe away the tears with my MentorWIN.

Thanks for listening.

*This obvious excludes my corporate consultancy, book and merchandise sales and public speaking commissions.

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