Strange name, I hear you say, even for a zany New Yorker. Tugg Gently?

Well, it’s not what my mother called me; to Maude I’ll always be Phillip Gently. But school is a tough place and boys are cruel. As a 12 year old scamp, green behind the gills and new to England, I got framed for something that looked worse than it really was (honestly) and was subsequently labeled Tugger by my old gym teacher, Mr Stevenson. If you’re reading this Sir…thank you very much, it was the best marketing advice I have ever received. Tugger, or Tugg has stuck with me ever since and I am now quite fond of it. And yes, it does read a little risque, but hey, nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd.

So here I am, on a personal crusade to lead hungry businesspeople to the feast of profits they deserve.

I am not a religious man, but I am a spiritual man. I believe that life is a journey and navigating it is a simple matter of reading the road signs.

I have had some well documented problems in my life. But I saw the signs and took a turning onto a better road. My recovery was long, but during this period I discovered the real Tugg Gently. I immersed myself in the teachings of business gurus and became addicted. I returned to my job as an account clerk a newly invigorated, but frustrated man. I wanted to get out there and work with real business people; to give them a Tugg perspective on classic business theory.

Then I had a stroke of fortune that to this day I look back on with wonder. I received an email from the estate of recently deceased Nigerian entrepreneur. He had left instructions that, upon his death, his accumulated wealth should be shared amongst like minded go-getters.

I told you earlier, life is about reading the signs. Here was a clear signal that the forces of the universe were willing me to succeed. I was touched by Obafemi’s gesture of reaching out and helping others to push forward with their dreams.

I replied with account details, as requested, and within a day, 9.7 million pounds had landed in my account.

I made a deal with myself. I would only use part of the money for pleasure. I didn’t want to go back down the dark roads of my old life. I would use the majority to finance what is now The Tugg Foundation. An initiative to deliver first class advice to those that need it most. I also launched the Obafemi Trust in honor of the great African entrepreneur, passing on the beacon of opportunity to new generation of entrepreneurs.

And here I am today. I touch amazing people every day, young and old. I am surrounded by talent. I have Zeus (my son) and Dennis beside me, a fellow accounts clerk who came along the ride. And boy what a ride!

Check out my library of bestselling books. There’s goodness in them pages!

Contact me for advice, or to book me. I love getting into offices and stirring sh!t up.



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