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I was recently interviewed for the seminal (but sadly now defunct) SME OMG! blog.

The interview revealed much about the real Tugg, so my web team have put the transcript below. If you have a question for me, get in contact and I’ll respond right away.

SME OMG! – Thursday 3rd March 2011.

Hey Tugg, it’s been a great year for you. What’s next on your horizon?

Thanks! I have personal goals and entrepreneurial goals. I intend to spend more time with Zeus [Gently] and get closer to his work on the Obefemi Trust. I am also looking forward to launching ‘Lucky Kisses’, an unique mixture of online dating and online Bingo. I may also be doing some filmed lectures for small businesses, which is exciting. Plus the new book, Business in a Box is out in the Fall.

You have had your fair share of marriages over the years, are there currently and ladies in your life?

No, unfortunately! Unless you count Dennis? Maybe Lucky Kisses will open a few opportunities? I have had my eye on Rachel Elnaugh for a while. She’s would make a perfect Mrs Gently number 4. I feel we are spiritually matched.

You famously said that Social Media was wasted on businesses. Do you still agree with that?

I think that there are lot of myths around Social Media. Does it make any money, I doubt it. I love Twittering, but I only do a Twitter after I have made a set amount of money that day. It’s less Twittering and more ‘TREATering’ in my opinion. The thing is, apart from some of the big business hitters, like [Alex] Tew, [Brad] Burtons [sic], [Duane] Jackson, [Rachel] Elnaugh, and [Simon] Cowell, I don’t really think that people have that much to say or offer, so who cares that your local plumber or accountant is MySpacing about their hedgehog’s birthday or something equally dreadful? Waste of time. Get out and earn some money instead. It’s a Recession, so they tell me.

Talk us through WINcome.

My simplest business model. ALL businesses must work through the three point trajectory. You’ll run at a loss, scraoe some profits and then create future proof passive income. I call this SINcome – INcome – WINcome. Simple.

Your restaurant guide An Appetite for Business is selling well. What was your inspiration?

I split my time between my pad in my native New York and my current home in London. I spend A LOT of time in restaurants and a lot of time is spent on business matters. Some restaurants are better than others for specific things. For example, ‘Fantoms’ in Chancery Lane is fantastic for a quick low key meeting. Brisk service and a well spaced tabling gets you in and out in good time. Good traditional Dutch cooking as well. However, if you want a long, intimate meeting with a key contact, ‘Sabot du Lapin’ in Parson’s Green offers private booths, no limit to service length and a sensational cellar. Horses for courses. I think the Golden Tugg is gaining some currency you know. It’s no coincidence that one sees the ‘Dragons’ in Golden Tugg listed restaurants.

And your favourite restaurant?

‘Sage’ in Times Square, NYC. It gets some stick for poor service, but it’s been around for so long that it has become a part of my life. I always stop by for the house special Steak in Gravy when I’m at home and dining alone. Although they did screw up my bill last time around!

Give me three tips for start ups.

Get investment. Work hard. Stay off the hard stuff. Business ain’t rocket science, unless you run NASA. Other than that, get your books in order. Kashflow is my current recommendation. Dennis raves about it.

What’s on your iPod?

I listen to my own podcasts to learn from my own words. Everybody should do that. Other than that, I like ‘The Silicon Roadblocks’, a Danish punk / folk group, and Lemar.

Tell us something we never knew about Tugg Gently.

I once punched Robin Williams outside a Wendy’s in Manhattan. I don’t know who was more embarrassed?


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